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beginner trail icon  Very beginner friendly - excellent sightseeing trip
The Holcomb Valley Gold Fever Trail's terrain consists mostly of dirt and fire roads. Our guests will get to Drive along the Gold Fever Trail allowing you to stop and check out the scenes of many historic locations. Some of the sights will include the Lucky Baldwin Mine and Van Dusen Cabin. With every stop, we will capture your JEEP EXPERIENCE on any device supplied by the guests.
time icon The trip's approximate time is between 1 to 1.5 hours
rate icon 2-door Jeep: $199 | 4-door Jeep: $249

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beginner trail icon  Beginner Trail - Introduction to 4WD
The Squeeze is our intro to off-roading as we enter the backcountry via the Gold Fever Trail, we will arrive at the Holcomb Valley Pinnacles. The Pinnacle is world-famous rock formations nestled into our Holcomb Valley backcountry. The guides will drive through obstacles in front of you demonstrating how to negotiate them. Then they will get out of their jeeps and spot you through obstacles making sure you are 100% comfortable and even capturing the experience on your device.
time icon The trip is approximately 2 hours long.
rate icon 2-door Jeep: $299 | 4-door Jeep: $359

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beginner trail icon  Intermediate Trail - Our most popular trip
John Bull Jr. is our most popular experience! We will begin by completing the entire Squeeze Trail. After completing the Squeeze Trail and your introduction to off-roading, we will then continue to John Bull Junior. Larger rocks and obstacles are ahead of you on this trail, and instead of our guides getting out at every obstacle you will now follow them like a convoy. You should be 100% comfortable with this because we just completed the introduction to off-roading via The Squeeze. We will make our way to the summit of the trail that is over 8,000 ft in elevation. The final obstacle as we approach the summit is our most challenging of the trip. When we finally reach the summit we celebrate by taking group photos and enjoying the view.
time icon This jeep tour will take approximately 3 hours to complete.
rate icon 2-door Jeeps: $399 | 4-door Jeeps: $449

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beginner trail icon  Advanced Trail - Rock crawling trip
Gold Mountain is one of the 42 trails that JEEP has designated as their Badge of Honor Trails. All of the 42 trails of JEEPS' Badge of Honor Trails list are advanced trails with amazing views, intriguing history, and challenging terrain. Along this trip, we will ascend three features: The Ledge, The Brain, and the Rock Garden. Not only does this trip offer many exciting features, but it is also filled with some amazing views of Big Bear and plenty of time for photos to be captured. After completing this exhilarating and challenging trail you will be qualified to complete the other trails in the local Badge of Honor Trail System.
time icon This trip will take about 4 hours to complete.
rate icon 2-door Jeep: $525 | 4-door Jeep: $575

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