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You drive our jeeps and follow our guides on Big Bear’s world famous off-road terrain and trails!

Big Bear Jeep Experience offers everything from beginner sightseeing trips to advanced rock crawling trips-and everything in-between. You will be renting one of our jeeps and following our guides as they narrate the trip via two-way radio. You will learn mining history, history of the valley including its unique plant and wildlife, and off-roading techniques. Our guides will demonstrate obstacles in front of you then spot you through the obstacle making sure you are 100% comfortable navigating the terrain. The guides will also capture your Big Bear Jeep Experience using your camera or mobile device camera so you can share your adventure with others.

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We also offer team-building experiences!

Big Bear Jeep Experience has been doing team-building experiences with some of California's top corporations and small businesses, giving them the opportunity to create memorable bonding experiences between their colleagues. This gives them the opportunity to indulge in an exhilarating outdoor adventure that allows them to overcome obstacles and challenges together. Our participants find themselves motivating and encouraging each other along the way. Almost all of our team building clients have become annual customers, and their Big Bear Jeep Experience has become the highlight of their work year.

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Going over obstacles

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