Rates $150 per hour and $550 per 4 hour half day.

  • Some tours have pre determined times, which means you only pay the time the tour is estimated to take and no more.
  • Beginner Off road tour & mining adventure- 2hrs $300 actual time about 2.5hrs but you only pay for 2, and all kids mining treasures are included.
  • Intermediate Fawnskin to Cactus off road adventure- 3hrs $450 actual time about 3.5 hrs but you only pay for 3hrs.
  • Intermediate Clarks Grade to Seven Oaks- 3hrs $450
  • Advanced Jacoby to Gold Mountain advanced off road adventure- 4hrs $550 actual time about 4.5hrs. This is a very exciting rock crawling experience!

This charge is per Jeep. We DO NOT charge per person! Up to four occupants per Jeep.